Japan has launched a continuous variable valve actuator!

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Japan has launched a continuous variable valve actuator! Globe valve solenoid valve piston ring Japanese company power times on 'the first session of Tokyo motor show, show the' continuous variable valve actuator ( ContinuousVariableValveActuater CVVA) ', but the engine intake valve which can adjust the continuous variable. 'Sharply reduced pumping losses, improve fuel efficiency'. Both ordinary engine through the throttle opening and closing to adjust inspiratory capacity. If in this way, it will fail to pass the small valve under low load to reduce the inspiratory capacity, so that will produce resistance due to negative pressure in the intake manifold, resulting in the loss. This is pumping loss. The engine is not equipped with CVVA by opening and closing the throttle, but through the valve lifting capacity to adjust inspiratory capacity. Adopt the inspiratory CAM motion is passed to the first and the first rocker arm, with the first rocker arm throttle up and down movement of the structure of the connection. In the first rocker arm equipped with 'lever', upper lever front-end rotation movement in the upper portion of the first rocker arm. Control rod front end position of the first radial rotation motion to stand, and thereby improve quantity adjustable valve. The idea of construction purpose is, rotates at low speed, improve by reducing valve to reduce the amount of inspiratory capacity, high speed increases through the valve lifting capacity to increase air inflow. Control lever itself is used by the rotating motor actuators to drive the ball screw. The company believes in cylinder in the engine, for example, although all cylinders must be equipped with control lever, but just an actuator can drive all the control rod. However, 'also can not directly put in the engine, within the need to further reduce the size'.
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