Knowledge center line butterfly valve, quick to see!

by:AIRWOLF     2021-01-25

center line butterfly valve is also called the butterfly-valve, as the name implies, its key parts like butterflies fluttering, free. The butterfly valve disc is disc, revolve around a shaft seat, the size of the swing Angle, is the degree of opening and closing of the valve.

the structure of the butterfly valves

butterfly valve is mainly composed of valve body, living, shaft, bearing, seal, operating mechanism and accessory parts.

the structure of butterfly valve:

the working principle of butterfly valves

center line butterfly valve is according to rotate the valve stem drive disc rotating at the same time for opening and closing of a valve, cylindrical channels in butterfly valve body and disc disc around the axis of rotation, mainly is 90 ° rotating disc plate for flow control, when the disc plate reaches 90 ° valve in the fully open position, at the same time can change the Angle of the disc plate to adjust the medium flow rate, generally installed on the diameter of the pipe direction. Butterfly valve and the valve stem is no locking ability, in order to effectively regulate traffic to worm gear reducer, equipped with worm gear reducer of the butterfly valve not only make the butterfly valve has self-locking ability, can also change the regulation of the operating performance and more accurate butterfly valve medium flow.

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1, the butterfly valve in the fully open, has small flow resistance. When open in about 15 ° ~ 70 °, and can perform a sensitive flow control, thus in the field, the regulation of large diameter butterfly valve application is widespread. As a result of the butterfly valve butterfly plate movement with polished, so most of the butterfly valve can be used to bring suspended solid particles of the medium. On the basis of the strength of the seal, also can be used for powder and granular media.

2。 Butterfly valve is suitable for flow control. Because of the butterfly valve in the pipe pressure loss is bigger, about three times the gate valve, so when choosing butterfly valve, pipe system is affected by pressure loss should be considered, also should consider closing butterfly plate the strength of the pipeline medium under pressure. In addition, you must consider resilient seat materials at high temperature on the operating temperature limit.

3。 Butterfly valve structure length and the overall height smaller, opening and closing speed faster, and has good flow control characteristics. The structure principle of butterfly valve 朂 is suitable for production of large diameter valves. When the butterfly valve for control flow using 朂 is important to correctly choose butterfly valve, specifications and types of work make it properly and efficiently.

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