Knowledge of plunger valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-10
Plunger characteristics and working principle of a cut-off valve, plunger globe valve features: plunger globe valve has simple structure, safe and reliable, science open-close particularly relaxed and flexible, easy operation as compared with the plunger valve opening and closing advantages of lightweight, fast. Unique sealing performance without leakage, the piston is metal and nonmetal multi-layer sealing structure composed of double function. One-piece valve seat ( Cylinder liner) Radial taper sealing surface, high altitude, large contact area, good performance. Piston ring selected according to different applicable medium material can improve its use range, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, strong resilience can, etc. , after using for a long time, when the piston ring if there are any wear maintenance adjustable voltage increase the original state. Plunger globe valve repair replace piston ring simple technology process, the valve body without detachment after steam pipe can stop to unload valve cover assembly can replace a new piston ring repetitive use, etc. Second, the plunger globe valve structure performance and principle: plunger globe valve by valve body, valve cover, gland, the valve rod, valve plug, plug valve, piston ring and cylinder liner ( The valve seat) Rising stem nut, flat bearing, wheel, bevel gear and other parts, because of wheel rotation l rod drives the piston is in cone cylinder liner counterpoint between inside and outside the closing of the up and down reciprocating movement to complete it and open it. Plunger cut-off valve cone cylinder structure in cylinder liner ( The valve seat) Within the circular cone respectively according to the applicable medium surfacing welding the stainless steel or hard alloy, hardness of the surfacing layer can reach HRC40, the boring and milling. Plug valve and piston ring seal structure with metal and nonmetal multi-layer seal, when a piston ring in the use of long time operation already frayed surge to zero voltage regulator has failed, so the name of the second metal cut-off cone piston and seal effect, so the service life of the plunger globe valve for ordinary valve door several times, so in the process of use without special maintenance to keep leakage, can achieve better without leaking pipe opening and closing device of choice, to save energy reduce Labour and environmental pollution has obvious applications.
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