kohler\'s small engine innovation timeline by ben anton

by:AIRWOLF     2019-08-27
Kohler has more than 80 years of industry leaders through continuous delivery of innovative, reliable products and excellent customer service.Curious how does a company maintain business between generations?This is the timetable for Kohler\'s 80-year innovation activities.The first generator of Kohler GmbH was released in 1920 to serve the rural market.
Kohler\'s first generator set, Kohler automatic power and lighting model \"A\", used 1500-110 Watt engine-V dc current.In the 1930 s, Kohler introduced their liquid rangeCooled diesel engineDuring the decade, the Kohler engine also appeared in some unlikely places: Admiral Richard Bird carried several Kohler generators with him during his second Antarctic expedition in 1933, even named a mountain after the company.In 1948, Kohler opened a factory specializing in the manufacture of small engines and began to develop a series of industrial engines.
Kohler launches single cylinder cast iron air-The cooling engine known as the K90 in 1951.The company rolled out more K-series engines throughout the 1950 s, and eventually launched an interchanged engine, which provides convenience and flexibility for common foot-mounted and crank heights.Koehler also exported products overseas during the period from 1950, especially Vietnam and Thailand.
The company\'s small engines are used to power air compressors and boats and pump water through irrigation systems.In 1960, the company opened a brand new engine and electric plant in Canada and Mexico, and established production facilities.In 1965, Kohler introduced automatic compression release (ARC), which is characterized by easier start-up of recoil;On 1966, Kohler proudly announced that engine 1,000,000 had just gone offline.
For Kohler, the 70 s is a period of continuous expansion of international distribution and sales of snowmobile engines.Kohlerx92s one-Million international sales in 1976.During the 1980 s period, Kohler launched a new design of the connecting rodCrankshaft Design characterized by pressure lubrication and steelSleeve bearing with backing at both ends.
During this period, Kohler also introduced improved air filtration and electronic ignition.In 1986, the company issued its command engine series, which includes hydraulic valve lifts and OHV designs.In 1991, Kohler released a series of vertical-axis double-cylinder engines designed for mower.
In 1995, Kohler sold the first overhead cam engine (OHC) in the industry );In 1998, Kohler won the OHC 18 HP engine award.The first liquid cooled Aegis shield engine was launched in 1999.Today, Kohler offers a wide range of commercial and industrial engines including mower, heavy dutyConcrete saws, industrial welding equipment, generators and pressure washers.
In 2008, Kohler pushed the engine industry to the environmental protection field.When it\'s announced that in the next two years, all of its Aegis liquids-The cooling and instruction Pro engine will use electronic fuel injection, which means lower fuel emissions and better performance.More than 2000 people also saw Koehler engaged in war efforts in Iraq by powering machines used to remove potentially lethal debris from the roadside.
Just as Kohler has met the needs of Americans for the private and business engines in the last 80 years, it continues to reflect the American dedication to innovation and selfimprovement
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