Land irrigation solenoid valve to change people's life in xinjiang

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Land irrigation electromagnetic valve to change the xinjiang people's life for sprinkler solenoid valve sohu admin time a&m Cui Huailin move finger, mu of cotton irrigation was finished, and ever so the size of the planting area will need at least a Labour, xinjiang mobile to provide wireless control system, no matter when and where, as long as the move finger, land irrigation solenoid valve will automatically open irrigation. Not only such, automated information system also provides divided into management area of cotton seedlings, soil conditions, soil moisture, so that the fine management. Cui Huailin said, xinjiang mobile information new method not only saves labor, also from the aspects of water, fertilizer and save energy shows the benefit. Improved benefit mean higher revenue, information to make local farmers to experience the efficient and convenient, also harvest the joy. Not just Cui Huailin in xinjiang production and construction corps NongBaShi shihezi group mu of land to achieve the automatic control, xinjiang mobile automatic spray irrigation control technology has reached tianshan between the north and the south dozens of farming herd, and part of the county ( City) Township of millions of acres of fertile land. From past mobile terminal just provide call today can realize remote control of informatization, mobile communications, is quietly changing the frontier life of the masses of all nationalities.
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