Leading, ball valve gate valve door market

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
At present, with the rapid increase of the valve door industry manufacturers valve door industry basic situation in the market, the valve door production levels have increased greatly, the valve door yields have increased significantly. Main products of valve door can basically meet the needs of the domestic market, the valve door market ChengTaoLv, complete sets of horizontal and complete ability are improved greatly. Combined with China's current energy market expands, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power especially the demand of the valve gate of nuclear power has increased dramatically. From October 2012 valve door products in China in late trading index can be seen that ball valve door leading valve door market, with a 27% market share in the search list first, and gate valve door with a 26% market share also followed suit. Butterfly valve door in late October the volume is low, only 19% of the market in third place. The check valves and diaphragm valves respectively by 15% and 13% of the market at the top of the search list. “ Five-year & throughout; During the valve door industry in China will help new industrialization development path, according to the direction of resource saving and environment friendly society development. Benefited from the financial crisis, as a result of the pump valve door industry in our country orders, raw material prices rise began the industry evolution, some backward production capacity to be eliminated, leaving the valve door industry to & quot; Travel light & quot; , and got a better space for development. Only valid for this, the valve door enterprises clearly recognize the valve door industry present situation, constantly strengthen the optimization of its own products, strengthen the suffering consciousness, strengthening the concept of enterprise culture and market service, only for fast, fast in the steady in stability, in essence, to make the enterprise in the increasingly competitive in the big tide of pump valve door industry strives for the survival and development.
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