Level gauge to promote the development of China's valve industry

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Valve application is very extensive, the level gauge a lot companies are used, this fully indicates that the development of liquid level transmission valve rapidly, good vision. Oil refining industry, oil refining industry in China through 60 years of development, capacitive liquid level meter production scale is expanding fast. So in this domain to launch new products, new equipment to be satisfied the demand of market. In addition to gauge it position switch, construction industry and special industry requires application valve. Petrochemical industry and petrochemical industry has always been very competitive, for the variable liquid level * also implements a switch valve equipment requirement is strict, the valve in the future will cooperate with industrial automation, promote the overall progress level transmission valve equipment, development of multi-function, high efficiency and low consumption of petrochemical valve equipment. And a growing number of industry application is also have more new request for the valve, the valve has higher quality and technical requirements, the following will take you look at the valve development vision in various industries. In a series of policies and measures, in 2010 China's oil refining industry production value and output growth, structural adjustment, gradual, inheriting maintained a sound momentum of development level transmission. Nuclear power industry: material level switch valve in the industry as the foundation of the nuclear power equipment equipment, according to roughly 5 - 10% of capacity. In 2010, the oil refining industry output value 2. 4252 trillion yuan, up 38% from a year earlier. So also can see that China's oil refining industry valve application market space is huge. Chinese level switch will inherit its nuclear power development planning, nuclear power installed capacity in 2015 and 2020 respectively 40 gigawatts (gw) and 75 gigawatts (gw), China will in the mid - 2012 before and after the restart the new nuclear power project examination and approval. Every year, the annual output value of billions in petrochemical enterprises in China, this means that our country has a lot of valve market, we should to consider from the Angle of market changes, to ensure the stability and development. Level gauge to promote the development of China's valve industry electromagnetic valve widely used regulator focus on which aspects of the 90 s
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