Leverage ball float drain valve application in textile production

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
In the textile production drying way to sizing machine is using heated drying cylinder. Its working principle is wet sizing, direct contact with high temperature metal cylinder surface drying cylinder surface for heat and transfer to the sizing on the surface, make the sizing moisture content vaporizing, sizing, the decrease of the moisture regain of sized yarn gradually formed on the surface of size film. Formation within the cylinder surface of a layer of condensed water on baking Jane lining, accumulate in the condensed water from the lower pole of the drying cylinder through the hydrophobic device, so the drain valve ( Hydrophobic) The correct selection and daily maintenance is particularly important. To ensure the condensed water in the drying cylinder can discharge in time, usually to improve the steam pressure, this is a waste of a lot of steam, and the second is the safe usage of drying cylinder protected ( 36 mpa) 。 So good to really use slasher cylinder machine, reach the purpose of sizing are of good quality, low energy consumption, the right to choose drain valve is crucial, and it is often ignored by the sizing machine manufacturers and use the factory. Drain valve ( Hydrophobic) The selection of type many, two factors are: that nots allow to ignore 1) Drying cylinder steam pressure can't be absolute stability, is relatively fluctuations, hydrophobic requirements can adapt to change of steam pressure. ( 2) Also change sizing machine speed, the speed is fast or slow have stopped, hydrophobic device must be able to adapt to different load of drain water. Leverage ball float steam drain valve ( Hydrophobic) The biggest advantage is not being affected by the fluctuation of the pressure, temperature, condensation water flow, continuous drainage, water is the row, minimum degree of supercooling of 0 ℃, can make the heating equipment to achieve the best efficiency; Leverage ball float steam drain valve ( Hydrophobic) The total in a level below the valve seat, form a water seal, without leakage; The minimum working pressure of 0. 01 mpa, the maximum rate of back pressure & le; 85%; Internal with exhaust, lever ball float steam drain valve ( Hydrophobic) Adopts the most advanced bellows components as the automatic air discharge valve, automatically exclude condensate gas, is very sensitive, high work quality, long service life. Heating equipment optimal drain valve ( Hydrophobic) 。
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