Long distance pipeline ball valve operation mode and structure characteristics of the door

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
The structure characteristics of long distance pipeline ball valve door: valve door midplane stagnation abnormal pressure due to temperature changes, the medium of medium pressure to push the valve seat from the ball, achieve the result of automatic pressure relief and automatic reset after pressure relief valve seat. When the one thousand fire or due to abnormal heat up to soften the valve seat seal loss or when the valve door still reliable operation, and at the same time, the valve seat and ball form metal to metal contact, to temporarily seal effect, to stop the fire to further expand, comply with the provisions of the APIFA. Unscrew the discharge device can check whether the valve seat is leaking, can also be emissions midplane retentate reduce the pollution of the medium of the valve gate. In working status, valve door in the fully open or close, can replace the valve rod stuffing box. Valve seat besides general sealing, it sets the auxiliary seal structure, can play because of the sealing ring damage when a leak emergency rescue action. The valve rod parts adopt PTFR packing and 0 ring, especially suitable for the gas medium. The valve rod movement parts adopt high quality SF, self-lubricating bearings, a smaller friction system, to reduce operating torque. API pipeline ball valve door is suitable for ANSI Class 150 ~ 900, the working temperature 28 ~ 300 ℃ in the petroleum, chemical, thermal power plant under various working conditions such as the pipeline, cut off or connect medium. Applicable medium: oil, natural gas purification and acid gas, gas, water and medium coal slurry, etc. Operation mode: manual ball valve door, turbine drive ball valves, electric ball valves, pneumatic ball valve door, door door, the door between gas and liquid ball valve.
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