Marine explosion-proof solenoid valve is introduced

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Marine explosion-proof solenoid valve is introduced time certain models Marine explosion-proof solenoid valve of the oil system piping accessories, mainly for the controlled system for gas switch, when the power is turned off, reliable sealing, to ensure that the system has no leakage. When the electromagnetic valve is the valve or valve after the instruction, to open and close and reliable, and through passive contact signal feedback to the control room. Solenoid valve using the flash point of fuel medium temperature for ℃, environment temperature ℃ is the highest, both to ensure the electromagnetic suction to ensure reliable valve switch, and to reduce the electromagnet power, to ensure that the electromagnetic valve surface temperature not to exceed ℃. Electromagnetic valve selection often closed as the forerunner, when electricity is closed, blocking medium flow. When electrified, the coil to produce electromagnetic force, moving iron core in the driving of the electromagnetic force upward movement, pilot valve is opened, the piston cavity medium moment from the guide seat, piston inferior vena through the throttle on the catheter into the piston chamber pressure. On the piston chamber pressure close to the valve after pressure, the lower piston inferior vena pressure on the piston, the upward force to overcome the reset spring, piston gravity and friction, the piston upward movement to realize open valve. Disappear when power electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic force, the spring force and core of moving iron core under the action of its own gravity close the pilot valve and medium by throttling the catheter into the cavity on the piston. Equal as inferior vena pressure on the piston, the piston return spring force and under the action of its own gravity, close valve downward movement. Electric power, all the time, complete the electromagnetic valve is a working process. Reed switch signal feedback device. When the electricity, the magnetic fields of the normally open contact us. Disappear when electricity, magnetic field, its contact to restore normally open state.
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