Models of wei butterfly valve gate

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-14
Along with the advance of high-tech development, working condition requirements also more and more high, the new type butterfly valve door products are entering the market, for the increase of butterfly valve gate conditions and transmission way of upgrading, the change of the structure, heat resistance, pressure to improve corrosion resistance of the material requirements, produce a series of new type butterfly valve door products. For this company, combined with international standard fusion in-house manufacturing for each product integration, correct selection and to Taiwan for industry minister butterfly valve door have more understanding. , here is the company's latest butterfly valve door model establishment method of the latest instructions, if you have any confused please contact our technical engineers for you. Butterfly valve door model establishment method ( According to the order) : D343H - for example 10 C (1) D (2) three (3) (4) 3 (5) 4 H additional code: 6 to 10 7 C butterfly valve door insulation BD butterfly valve door, SD telescopic butterfly valve door, TLD desulfurization butterfly valve door, DH check butterfly valve door, DKS fast butterfly valve door, FDBD square shutter door; (1) butterfly valve door compiled code: D said butterfly valve gate; (2) the transmission form code: manual ( Omitted) Said, 3 turbine drive, pneumatic drive 6 said, 7 said hydraulic, 9 said electric; (3) connection code: 4 flange welding, 6, 7 the wafer; (4) structure code: 1 according to linear, 2 said the double eccentric, said three eccentric 3 and 4 said becomes eccentric, 5 single eccentric; (5) sealing material code: H, X stainless steel rubber, ptfe, FX compound rubber, F M monel alloy, hard alloy, Y W valve body directly processing; 6 classes code: 10 = PN1. 0 mpa, 16 = PN1。 6、25 = PN2。 5、40 = PN4。 Is 0, the PN code of domestic pressure, the MPA is the unit of pressure; Class150LB = 1。 6mpa、300LB=2. 5 - 4. 0 mpa, Class is American American standard code, LB Class is American standard units. All landowners shell material code: cast steel, stainless steel 316 stainless steel 304, P R C, AL special nodular cast iron, cast iron, alloy steel, Z Q N nylon. Above for common butterfly door related code, need to custom-made product, due to special conditions according to the selection of design scheme. Wei butterfly valve gate type: fluorine-butterfly butterfly valve gate: D71F46, D671F46, D971F46 butterfly valve gate to the clamp: D71F, D71H, D71X, D71Y; Flange butterfly valve gate: D41F, D41H, D41X, D41W, D341F, D341H, D341X, D341W; Square butterfly valve gate: FDBD butt welding butterfly valve gate: D363F, D363H, D363W, D963F, D963H, D963W; Pneumatic butterfly valve gate: D641F, D641H, D641W, D642F, D642H, D642W, D643F, D643H, D643W, D671F, D671H, D671W, D673F, D673H, D673W; Electric butterfly valve gate: D941F, D941H, D941W, D942F, D942H, D942W, D943F, D943H, D943W, D971F, D971H, D971W, D973F, D973H, D973W; Triple eccentric butterfly valve gate: D343F, D373F, D343H, D373H, D343W, D373W; Telescopic butterfly valve gate: SD41X, SD41H, SD341X, SD341H, SD641X, SD641H, SD941X, SD941H; Two-way sealing butterfly valve door: DS343H, DS643H, DS943H; Insulation butterfly valve gate: BD343H, BD343W; Hydraulic control butterfly valve gate: HD7Q41X full hydraulic control, HD7s41X heavy hammer type, quick, slow HBD7Z43H closed YxKD743H, DX7K41H energy storage tank.
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