Modular and pressure relief valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Combined decompression valve refers to the main valve and attached feedback system ( Including control valves, jet pump, valve door, etc. ) , with hydraulic PID control mechanism, composed of superior comprehensive performance of reduced pressure regulator valve, the main application in the technical water supply system for hydropower station, the underground water system the complex working conditions such as, under extreme working conditions. At present domestic most of the hydropower station, The three gorges hydropower station, xiangjiaba hydropower station, goupitan hydropower station, the natural arch hydropower station, orb temple hydropower station, the zipingpu hydropower station, water tight, of letan hydropower station, water power station, etc. ) Selection is modular and pressure relief valve. Adopted by the selection of decompression valve nominal diameter should be under the condition of guarantee export setting pressure and maximum flow of water supply can meet the technology, and equipped with double feedback system can not stop and ensure that destructive high pressure relief valve damage do not enter the outlet pressure of the locking system, and prevent impurities clogging in flow medium valve door recoil sewer system. Combined decompression valve because of the complicated application conditions, extreme, usually have a variety of specifications (2 'to 48'), the valve before the work pressure
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