Molex extension solenoid valve connector products

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Molex extension solenoid valve huaqiang electronic connector products admin IP sealing performance and external thread is designed to simplify the manufacturing process, to provide excellent and connector cable retention performance launched the world's leading supplier of interconnect solutions Molex company added FormC and next-generation Brad® FormMicro shell; mPm® DIN solenoid valve connector. MPmDIN solenoid valve connector series combines the IP rating sealing performance and the external thread ( externalthread) Design, have excellent cable retention, can achieve higher performance and reliability. MPmDIN solenoid valve connectors can simplify the manufacturing process, reduce the overall cost of application, applicable to hydraulic, pneumatic and connection of electromagnetic drive systems. MolexmPmDIN solenoid valve connector on the outer nut is larger and stable torque, to ensure that cable retention and high reliability. MPmDIN connector has reached the level of IP grey waterproof sealing performance. Compared with the traditional internal nut design, improve its cable retention of %. This innovative design can reduce the number of connector components, simplifying the customer assembly and safe installation, and to increase speed. Molex hydraulic equipment GilbertoRizzo global product manager said 'BradmPmDIN solenoid valve connector series of products are enjoying great popularity in the world the industry, has become synonymous with high performance and high reliability of the connector. Compared with similar products on the market, DINFormC shell internal volume increased %, while the external dimensions of the connector is unchanged. 'Outside the mPm nut ( externalnut) Design can reduce the DIN, electromagnetic valve, the number of components inside the connector and simplified assembly and installation. Due to new design shell without nut pointed, therefore, the outside width of the connector did not increase, so does not affect the customer's application. Rizzo added: 'whether it's for the new product, or as a universal type ( 磁带杂音信息) Alternatives, mPmDIN connectors are not affect space requirements. In improving the overall processing power, wiring and assembly speed, mPmDIN connector type are better than that of using internal nut design. 'MolexmPmDIN connector USES a single set of ready-to-use way or batch component supply, to save time and cost of each component. This standard specification ( onesizefitsall) Design suitable for PG and PG cable, as well as the outer diameter of the mm cable, so customers can reduce its inventory connector. MPmDIN solenoid valve connector is advance termination and moulding, use standard length. Standard and bipolar circuit options include LED the LED indicator, prevent damage of peak overpressure or blocking diode, and protect the power supply and switch varistor ( voltagedependentresistor,VDR) 。 Molex company BradmPmDIN solenoid valve connector is in line with industry standards EN ( Former called DIN) , is suitable for the electrical connector usually share with solenoid electromagnetic valve, especially connectors used in the hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Molex all manufacturing facilities have passed ISO and ISO certification.
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