motorized electric valves.

by:AIRWOLF     2019-08-30
1/2 \"to 3\" two-
The way ball valve in KZValve 89 series has threepiece swing-out style. The three-
Valvebody has bolts-on end caps.
One of the four bolts has a swing-
Out connection, allowing the operator to open the valve for cleaning or service without removing it from the pipe.
Valve ball and stemare 316 stainless steel, valve body is all materials used in CF8M stainless steel and manufacturing (
Seats, seals, lubes, etc. )
Food is acceptable.
Grade application and drinking water.
These valves can be used to help control the flushing, temperature control and adjustment systems of food processing equipment. [
Slightly] IllustrationsKZValve (402)944-2767 www. kzvalve.
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