Natural gas price adjustment electric wave valve manufacturing

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a circular, decision since July 10, 2013, adjust a non-resident with natural gas prices, gate station residents with natural gas price is not adjusted. Natural gas price adjustment is helpful to promote the development of gas resources and the introduction of at the same time, also stimulate the new wave of electric valve manufacturing. China's energy, director of the institute, energy economy, vice director of professional committee member zhou dadi believes that domestic gas prices on the low side of import natural gas in China has become a major obstacle, Russia is a major supplier of natural gas in the European Union but not at a reasonable price in China for many years large-scale gas imports from Russia. In such a situation, in order to meet the domestic needs, should make full use of the international market, to increase imports. Now our country's first priority is to ensure the supply of natural gas market. Not solve the problem of gas price, can't solve the problem of tight supply, can not increase the supply of natural gas. As a result, the price adjustment will greatly stimulate the introduction and development of natural gas, natural gas market will become more and more broad. Natural gas is an important energy commodity, its price will reflect the market supply and demand, follow the market rules. Considering the situation of natural gas production, supply and consumption in China is facing, countries decided to adjust the non-resident with gas prices only, do not adjust the residents use natural gas prices, while rationalize price, to ensure the basic life residents are not affected. The meaning of the price adjustment is: first of all, is beneficial to optimize the energy structure, promote environmental protection. Second, is beneficial for the promotion of natural gas resources development and the introduction of energy supply security. Third, to guide the reasonable gas consumption, promote resource conservation. Oil and gas industry has been the biggest purchaser valve market. Relevant data show that the valve in the oil ( Including refining) Dosage the biggest, gas field, the total amount of the 37. 4%; The valve in the field of energy consumption for the 21st. 3%; The third is the chemical industry, for 11. 5%; Then, the field of water treatment and wastewater treatment 11. 4%. Has a very large natural gas market in China, so the electric valve on the gas production has a large role, as things stand, still on an upward trend. With the global development of science and technology unceasing progress, gas jobs is more and more widely used, a lot of the development of the industry have been, in the form of scientific and technological progress and innovation, so people in the path of independent innovation industrialization will walk more long, especially like electric valve constant promotion and use in the field of natural gas, bring the great convenience to people's life, and from a certain extent, also promote the progress of the valve industry. And the adjustment of the price of natural gas is now once again set off a burst of a wave of valve manufacturing, and indicates that the use of natural gas in the further development of the environment is very broad, so as to promote the continuous progress and development of valve industry, people also will be very convenient in use, now all countries in the valve industry promotion, and greatly increase the output of production and technology research and progress. Valve manufacturing technology is very complex, along with scientific and technological research, must be well industry output, fundamentally to the introduction and use of technology and the development of China's natural gas dynamics is very large, and in our country occupies a very large share in the market, so in the use of gas valve, electric valve USES is very big, and developed in continuous rising trend. Promotion of new industry greatly increased the pace of development of science and technology and strength, and so on the development of the road there are many difficulties and obstacles, but as long as it is in line with the development of the concept of normal can get good effect, the development of the gas valve is a good example, and the introduction of high-tech production technology, will cause the new development situation, to further promote the increase of the social production strength. At present, the world has a lot of planning and expansion of oil projects, in addition, because people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the state set up environmental protection laws and regulations, build refineries must reinvent so many years ago, so in the next few years, developing and refining oil money will also keep growing, which means the electric valve application prospect in the field of natural gas will become more and more clear articles link: always fine letter WWW mau valve co. , LTD. zjxmfm。 com
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