Needle valve actuator

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-15
Needle valve actuator is used with power type needle valve for opening and closing device. Use drive device is designed to make the valve door of easy operation and convenient, rapid and reliable, and realize the automatic control and remote control. Is the basic requirement of the valve gate drive: torque or force can meet the needs of the door opening and closing valve, the stroke and the torque control accurate, reliable and suitable for dynamic selection of site condition, opening and closing actions conform to the requirements of the control, light and small device itself. Needle valve actuation device according to the output shaft is divided into many rotary movement way, part of the rotary and linear reciprocating 3 kinds. Rotary rotary is more circle, more suitable for the valve rod or valve stem nut revolving circle is needed to open or close the valve door, such as gate valve, globe valve door, the output torque value of the series of 40 ~ 10000 cattle meters (commonly The thrust of 20 ~ 1. 1 million cows) 。 Part of the rotary is suitable for the valve rod within a circle in the rotation can be fully open or close the valve door, such as ball valve, butterfly valve door, door series of the output torque is generally 125 ~ 125000). Linear reciprocating do straight line reciprocating movement is suitable for the valve rod can fully open or close the valve gate type such as needle valve. Type needle valve actuation device according to the power source can be divided into manual gear, gear, pneumatic device, electric actuator, hydraulic device, gas-liquid linkage, electro-hydraulic linkage and so on. One of the most primitive and simple valve gate drive is the handwheel, handle. As the needle valve of the large-scale and automation of production process, for a variety of needle valve actuator needs more and more. Needle valve actuator occupies an important position in the industrial production automation.
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