New release ( 宝石) K series isolation solenoid valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
New release ( 宝石) K series isolated Gems release K series solenoid electromagnetic valve well versed in mechanical and electrical network solenoid valve factory times global leading brand Gems sensors with the K series isolation solenoid valve. With inert material, the product has minimal internal volume and volume, very suitable for medical or OEM manufacturers choose life science. Structure, flexible configuration of the K series solenoid valves service life for up to ten million times, can be easily integrated into the components or the fluid in the system. All kinds of interface options make it application is flexible; Including the side at the bottom of the interface, the interface and install valve group. No matter what you need is resistant to chemical corrosion of inert valve or valve can be compatible with particulate matter, K series solenoid valves are your preferred. For high purity applications or in conveying high corrosive medium, the fluid pathway can be completely inert materials. Particulate matter in the fluid often damage the plastic ( PTFE) The seat, and K series special rubber diaphragm valve is no this kind of question, more reliable in performance. This product is suitable for IVD biochemical analyzer, three classification, five classification of blood analyzer, clinical diagnosis, life science, mass spectrometry, and ultrapure water treatment system, liquid chromatography, laboratory automation and other fields. 宝石传感器有限公司 Is the liquid level, flow, pressure and temperature sensor of the major manufacturers, the products are widely used in fluid monitoring and control, meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers. Gems products is used more and more of the sensing technology for you to choose from. The technology involves the photoelectric, ultrasonic, float type, CVD, MMS, thin film, capacitance, hall effect, conductivity, micro power pulse radar, etc. In addition to Gems have popular brand Warrick conductivity level control. Gems product sales all over the world, and in the manufacturing operation, flexible engineering and years of experience in development enables the Gems to provide customers with innovative and economic sensing scheme. Gems in the years to join danner Hector industrial control group.
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