New technology and new technology to accelerate the development of electromagnetic valve market

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
New technology and new technology to promote Internet xiao li times solenoid valve solenoid valve market development as one of the actuator of fluid control automation system, with its cheap, simple, fast, the characteristics of easy installation, easy maintenance, has become the choice of fluid control automation products. S of the 20th century has been dependent on, until the s of the 20th century, domestic solenoid valve to occupy a certain market share. Electromagnetic valve products strong demand of the market, thanks to these aspects. Continuous and stable development of state economy, investment in fixed assets gradually expanded, especially several century project 'west-east gas', 'China' and 'water' project construction needs a large amount of valve product of form a complete set; In addition, our country is faced with the advent of the era of industrialization, the department of department of petrochemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and urban construction using a large valve will increase the demand for electromagnetic valve products. During the period of '11th five-year plan' of the electric power industry in coal unit needed for large and medium-sized construction project a total of valve valve total demand, ten thousand tons, annual demand, ten thousand tons; Valve is one hundred million yuan, the total demand, is the annual demand, one hundred million yuan. And according to the speed of the average annual growth of %, during the period of 'twelfth five-year' valve total demand for, ten thousand tons, the annual demand for, ten thousand tons, the valve is the total demand, one hundred million yuan, and one hundred million yuan is the annual demand. Development of new materials to promote industrial transformation of limited natural resources in our country, laying electricity saving, water saving, material saving is one of the development direction of electromagnetic valve standards, to speed up the elimination of low efficiency and large energy consumption of products, adjust the industrial structure, promote the new technology, new product development and promotion of the application. In terms of reducing energy consumption, vigorously develop small flow resistance, loss of small valve products. In the aspect of energy saving, the key is the electromagnetic valve electric device, by choosing the low energy consumption, low noise motor and the improvement of electric device structure, control the energy consumption of the electric actuator. Manufacturing of ceramic raw materials widely, low cost, with aluminum, carbon, silicon and other common elements can produce superior performance of the ceramic material, can save a large amount of metal materials and rare mineral resources. Ceramic valve used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, sewage treatment and other industrial fields, its wear resistance, good sealing, can minimize leakage, to protect environment will play a positive role in promoting. Keep up with the development of technology, the valve standard council to make a standard for ceramic seal valve, speed up the promotion of ceramic seal technology, promote the development of ceramic seal material. Solenoid valve material saving, with a focus on the research of new material, new material instead of metal materials, achieve the goal of saving steel and precious metals. New type of ceramic valves using new ceramic materials to make the valve sealing parts and wear parts, improve the wear resistance, anticorrosion and sealing valve products, greatly extend the service life of the valve. Promote the development of new technology, new technology to strengthen standard and scientific research, especially the major national science and technology research projects, guide the scientific and advanced technology backbone enterprises, the independent innovation achievements into standard, promote the development of new technology, new technology. Such as yangzhou electric power building, tianjin two-way, wenzhou ROM toelke, changzhou power station auxiliary equipment and so on all can produce, the product quality is quite good. To develop high technical content of the intelligent valve electric actuator standards, to promote the development of the industry, block or reduce imports have very big effect. A batch of new products, new technologies can be converted to standard, reduce the cost and improve the efficiency, optimize the function of electromagnetic valve products, and make new products and new technologies quickly recognised by building materials market, promote the progress of the industry.
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