New Technology Makes Hand Tools Handier

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-14
Will the word \"need some assembly\" rush you to get the couch and TV remote?There is a lot of fear about tools, but the truth is that having the right tools for work is half the way to success.Manual tools don\'t seem to be changed much.But with the technology\'s effective control over things like screwdrivers and drill bits, this is about to change.There are some neat new things that can help professionals and handy people get things done faster and easier.We already know the cordless drill.They have various shapes and sizes.-From the size of a screwdriver to the size of 18-Can interrupt the voltage of your wrist.Some things in the middle are most suitable for doing housework, such as hanging pictures and turning on screws.The attachment makes the drill more efficient.For example, the DeWalt range of professional tools for Black & Decker has a fastReplacement System for drill bit and screwdriver at both ends of the same accessory--You just have to turn it over and drill a hole and turn the screw on.Stanley JoreTech\'s Fast-Changing the connector is a pushThe pull loop system makes the transition from drilling to driving simple and quick.Stanley also offers a set of spiral rails, basically sleeves, that can slide down the screws to make them run straight.There is also a cordless saw, a reciprocating saw and a jig saw.They often have packages.If you need to drive a lot of screws, you can use the automatic screw gunfeed system --Types of professionals have been in use for many years.Robertson Holz-She and Quik Drive are two brands.The screw enters the screw gun in the form of a strip;The device even has an extension so you don\'t have to bend over.We recently found out at a home improvement center.Expensive bit accessories for automatic feeding are also provided.Cordless seems to be the road to the future, but some manufacturers offer batteriesEquipment in the shape of a plugin cord --In case the battery runs out.The electronic and laser levels sound like something in the future, but can now be used.The level of intelligence is a brand.It can read any angle;LED display shows the degree.This laser, such as a laser made by RoboToolz, emits a beam of light in the room, which appears on the opposite wall in the form of a little red dot.It is ideal for long distance leveling.If you open a lot of screws or nails, you can work faster with the pneumatic nail tool.The brands include Stanley Bostich, Hitachi and Paslode.It\'s been a while for professionals, but now, if you\'re willing to spring for the compressor, you can find the model that\'s suitable for home use.Air-Electric nail guns are easy to use: you just have to point and pull the trigger.They work well on the frame, finish and roof, and even hardwood floors.It\'s much easier than opening each nail with your hands.These tools can be expensive.-Pneumatic frame hammer about $350, trim hammer about $250-But you can rent them if you just need a specific job.There are also cordless pneumatic tools from Paslode.They work great on the roof, but the price is expensive, about $500.In the end, even the oldThe old-fashioned hand tools have had ergonomic adjustments from Oxo, who are the ones who make these very simple --to-Kitchen tools.There is a screwdriver with a rubber handle that provides more torque than a plastic screwdriver, and a hammer with a plastic wedge on the head of the hammer that can help you prevent when you pull the nailThe screwdriver has a charging head, so the screw will not fall if you lose the groove.About $4 to $26.The Good Housekeeping Institute recently named Oxo Good Grips hand tools one of the seven most innovative products of 1999.All of these tools and products are available at home renovations, hardware and a number of home products stores.
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