Normally open solenoid valve selection

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
How normally open solenoid valve selection time everyone know in electromagnetic valve pipe need long time to connect the power supply and open type to choose normally open solenoid valve, but do you know? Normally open solenoid valve is not only a kind of it is a general designation, because to selection can be used according to the customer's environment. Pressure pipeline circumstances can choose electric power shut down normally open solenoid valve to open, the working principle of it and normally closed electromagnetic valve completely different. It's often a first condition is must reach more than pressure, mpa, can also according to different caliber will also be different. Pressure very little or no pressure situation, we cannot choose above the normally open solenoid valve, at this time there are normally closed electromagnetic valve can work continuous power supply without causing coil heat scrap. Then is to use electricity for a long time not fever of solenoid coil, the coil can be designed according to different working condition of the new product. New coil adopts high-quality enameled wire, so words can in the case of electricity for a long time not hair, steady voltage, current so as to achieve the purpose of electricity is not burned throughout the year. Solenoid valve factory is a set of solenoid valve design, research and development, manufacture, testing, installation as one of the high-tech entity enterprise, consultation telephone order
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