Nuclear power is increasingly popular nuclear power equipment into the golden age

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-06
The traditional high carbon emissions from fossil fuel use make human more and more attention to the development of new energy. Among various kinds of new forms of energy, nuclear power * promising. First nuclear power with the traditional energy saving, low carbon and energy does not have the advantage of less pollution, safety. Second in all new energy, nuclear power technology to mature, is entering domestic nuclear power high-speed development period. Popular as nuclear power, nuclear power equipment into the golden age, but localization is the key. Sustainable development of nuclear power in China on the BBS, national energy bureau zhang guobao, vice minister of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said that key nuclear power equipment manufacturing capability based degree will become one of the key factors of nuclear power development, the state-owned nuclear power owner must have confidence in localization, joint efforts to promote technological breakthroughs. Related nuclear power enterprise must promote the process of our nuclear power equipment manufacturing capacity of localization, and confidence in state-owned nuclear power equipment, otherwise China's nuclear power can never go too fast, never has a great development. Be badly in need of large castings and forgings localization of nuclear power equipment analysis - — Of equipment than major, and expensive, some equipment also don't sell abroad, and domestic didn't do it so much, such as * big weighs 400 tons to 500 tons of steel nails, you need to research, and steel making, casting, forging, heat treatment molding process update. The main circulation pump, nuclear pump - — The main circulation pump is the heart of the nuclear power plant. So far, the main loop of China's nuclear power plants and nuclear pump all imports. Need a research effort. Nuclear safety level valve - — The valve also requires reliable sealing performance. So far, the domestic several big plant the main safety valve, relief valve, spray valve, such as isolation valves rely on imported from abroad. A mega kilowatt nuclear's, ci total more than 30000 valve, etc. Welding - — Nuclear equipment requirement for welding of high is self-evident. Welding personnel must be in the specified training center through training. China's nuclear class welding process also has yet to be 'pass'. HOPE valve group on nuclear safety level valves is done, in a number of countries on nuclear power facilities. Shanghai currently specializing in the production of thick pu valve solenoid valve ( High pressure solenoid valve, steam solenoid valve, explosion-proof solenoid valve, water solenoid valve, high-temperature solenoid valve) , regulating valve, fluorine-butterfly valves, ordinary manual valve, will soon introduce HOPE nuclear safety level valve technology, on nuclear safety level valves invest a lot of manpower and money, increase the intensity of experiment research and development, to strive for nuclear safety level valve in domestic production as soon as possible. Nuclear power equipment into the golden age of nuclear power gradually popular three trend in the development of technology introduction to 2010 valve pump valve accessories production machinery market is expected to add 2010
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