Origin and development of the valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Valve as one of the most basic element of process control, its history can be traced back to the beginning of human civilization ~ even in ancient times, ancient human have learned to use stones and branches to change the flow rate and flow of water, think of it, this is one of the most basic functions of modern valves? Though the ancients have learned to the most basic application of the valve, but the stones and branches call & other; Valve & throughout; Or too far-fetched. In has now been found sites or sites, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt and China, in terms of crop irrigation have some similar to the application of the valve, and now is recognized as the valve is the origin of the prototype in ancient Rome. From 310 BC, the Romans built the first article water culvert, thundering almost covers the entire history of ancient Rome, water conservancy project in now retain more complete in the ruins of ancient Rome, people for the first time discovered the modern & other; Plunger valve & throughout; 、“ Cock & throughout; And & other; Check valve & throughout; The prototype. Yes, we invented the valve! Ask you give up ~ it is worth mentioning that in the process of ancient Rome after, for the application of the valve almost reached a other civilizations beyond the reach of height at the time. Actually, according to reliable records, for the application of the valve, in the history of our country is later than ancient Rome for a few years, there will be involved in the warring states period famous water conservancy experts, bing ( About 302 ~ 235 BC) , its representative work is & other; Dujiangyan water conservancy engineering & throughout; ! Well, but today we say is his another invention & ndash; — “ Bail well salt halogen & throughout; 。 Finally it was my turn to play! At that time was the qin shu satrap bing ( Almost equivalent to the mayor of chengdu now! ) Cut out and uncertainty in the chengdu plain. Take halide ( Natural salt) Bail, with fine bamboo as halogen tube, halogen sleeve tube, cylinder bottom to cooked for opening and closing valve, a barrel to learn halide number, vertical large wooden inoue, windlass, car plate was used to extract brine will empty bamboo barrels at one end fitted with a wooden plunger valve to prevent leakage, taps to evaporation in the well. With bing, we look back to Europe, from the west after the Roman empire, Europe have entered called & other; The dark ages & throughout; Of the middle ages, has been at war for the past one thousand years, don't even have enough to feed and scientific level of natural stagnant, until the Renaissance, the familiar man appeared & ndash; — Leonardo Da Vinci! For he is the end of the don't want to be the inventor of the anatomist is not a good painter. Well! I am a genius what will ~ he designed a lot of irrigation, ditches and water conservancy projects, heavy use of the valve, and ( On the blackboard) Many projects until now still on the basis of its design in use. Thereafter as European culture art technology science began in the flourishing stage, metal valve application gradually, can say leonardo Da Vinci's design and application development for the prototype of the modern valve. After the Renaissance, a period of rapid development of science and technology is the industrial revolution is known to all ~ 1769 watt creates steam engine valve formally entered the machinery industry, the steam engine on a lot of the plug valve, safety valve, check valve and butterfly valve. I am not today's leading role, but you also can't ignore me ~ watt invented the steam engine is the beginning of the valve industry on a large number of applications. In the 18th century to the 19th century, the steam engine in the mining industry, exercise, the rapid popularization of textile and machinery manufacturing industries, the valve is increasing quantity and quality, so presented slide valve. He also invented the first adjust speed controller, then, the fluid flow control is more and more attention by people. And successively with threaded stem globe valve and trapezoidal thread stem wedge gate valve, is a major breakthrough in the development of the valve. Of these two kinds of valve not only satisfies the various industry demand for valve pressure and temperature increasing, and the requirement of flow control was preliminarily realized. The origin and development of valve first when it comes to this, the valve will into the modern industrial era, and listen to the next ~
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