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Our company holds the 2018 annual summary meeting


On February 26, 2019, all employees of our company held the 2018 annual summary meeting, which mainly included:

1. Summarize the performance of the company and the progress of each employee in the past 2018 years.In this year, our turnover increased by 60%, which was the most since the establishment of the company. At the same time, our excellent employees were selected and commended.
2. We have a total of three international marketing platform, This platform has the largest number of orders,our website: www.pneumatic-equipments.com
3.In 2019, we built a new 5G video website, all products are displayed in the form of video, it is a new marketing platform, so that consumers have a clearer understanding of the products, also can communicate with us in real time, which will greatly improve the purchase efficiency and accuracy.
4.Our customers are increasing all the time. All our products will pass the test. We will try our best to make our customers satisfied with our service and quality.

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