Our country present situation and development trend of electromagnetic valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Solenoid valve in our country the status quo and development trend of The Times, electromagnetic valve, use the oldest countries in the world still in application, especially DNmm the following, is still dominant in all kinds of valves. Is characterized by pressure before and after the valve plate errand valve plate force pressure on the export on the right side of the seat, sealing better, and fully open, because the valve plate not stay on the flow, pressure loss is small. Used to cut off the media in the pipeline. The downside is operating torque, operation is easy to make the valve body, valve stem damage, especially the large diameter solenoid valve. Overall dimensions and weight is big also, DN diameter electromagnetic valve about mm high, need four operations, so the electromagnetic valve is generally used in small diameter, namely below DN. The opening of the solenoid valve from fully open to the middle of the valve flow resistance is small, close to full close, flow resistance has increased dramatically. Larger scale, small flow resistance change, when close to full close, a great changing flow, do not close the valve closing, then it is difficult to flow of fine-tuning. If the valve opening, fast opening velocity, gate underside causes cavitation, accompanied by the fierce vibration and noise, throttling operation for a long time, often can make the valve body and disc metal cavitation occurs. Solenoid valve if diagram working condition of solenoid valve in the opening, middle, valve plate because it is depend on both sides of the guide rail support, full close cooperate closely, while the middle position, the valve plate and guide rail gap big and vibrate. So even in a lower incidence of cavitation area, for a long time to make the valve throttling operation guide can also occur malformation, abrasion or damage, and because the seat is not fully contact, the contact parts of the surface pressure is very high, often bite corrosion or adhesion. Therefore should not be used for flow control. Also note that in a small open of the electromagnetic valve, the flow rate change is big, if emergency opening and closing of valve, can cause a sharp rise in pressure or produce negative pressure, especially when closing valve water hammer. Solenoid valve solenoid valve factory contact hour telephone landline fax order
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