Our factory to talk about: solenoid valve advantages more development potential is tremendous

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Our factory talk about electromagnetic valve advantages more development potential is tremendous solenoid valve solenoid valve with cheap, simple, fast, easy to install, easy to maintenance etc, and has gradually become fluid control automation preferred products. At the time of the year by year in our country inside the solenoid valve has been imported, s until the 20th century, China's production of solenoid valve to gain a foothold in the market. Solenoid valve in the future market development potential is huge. Champ consulting machinery industry analysts pointed out that in the industrial process of valve travel of the role is mainly to control all kinds of fluid and flow like water, oil, chemical liquid, etc. , is based on the parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow rate. Which are used in the factory on control valve with pressure reducing valve, pneumatic valve, solenoid valve and temperature constant temperature system, proportion control valve constant temperature system, temperature control valve, etc. Several types. Traditional industry, commonly used valve class a manual valve, pneumatic valve, but in terms of operational efficiency and saves the energy, the common valve class on the installation cost and efficiency are not as good as electric valve, electric control valve to become an indispensable part of the industry. Because the electric valve with its advantages of high efficiency and energy saving valve class gradually occupied the market in the industrial process. Electric valve is a motor drive, the installation is simple and convenient, and electric valve installation as long as cooperate with the factory original control circuit can, greatly save the cost. In addition, a meeting to drive motor drive way smooth, without too much momentum moment can greatly reduce the occurrence of failure. Electric valve product is compared with the traditional pneumatic valve assembly easy, low failure rate, and can meet the demand of industry automation advantages, become the industry more cost-effective option. According to the released champ consulting in China normally closed type electric valve market survey report shows that the price of the electric valve and is not so expensive as you think, from the point of integral calculation, traditional valve installation is with many parts and pipeline installation, its price was not very big advantage, to bear a lot instead of maintenance costs. So the small electric valve with its easy and high efficiency and energy saving advantages will be widely used, and will gradually occupy the market.
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