patrick johnston: pressure-release valve needed on hughes, in more ways than one

by:AIRWOLF     2019-08-30
When he woke up on the first day of the rest of his life, Quinn Hughes said there was never any doubt about what would happen next.
Sunday morning, hours after his Michigan Wolves lost to Minnesota in the first round of the top ten hockey playoffs-
The skating defender knew it was time to sign the dotted line with a Vancouver canoe. “I (knew)I was coming (to Vancouver)
A little while.
\"I kind of wrapped my head around it,\" he said Wednesday morning . \".
But the reality comes from dealing with ankle pain and swelling --
Got blocked in Friday night\'s playoff opener-
Just go home simply.
\"I\'m thinking about things like getting ready.
To be honest, I think I\'m just thinking about my ankle.
I don\'t know where it will be.
Our flight was delayed so I was in Minnesota all day-
This is mainly what I think in my head. I just want to go home.
\"The healing of the ankle will determine when the time will start for him and his new team.
He had an MRI in Vancouver on Wednesday morning.
Simply according to the feeling, he thinks his ankle is at 80-per-
Health interval.
Nevertheless, he said he did admit that he was very excited in Vancouver and asked if he could ice skate at Rogers Arena.
Let\'s keep our ankles healthy first, and he realizes that\'s the right answer.
Some of him were disappointed by the end of his Michigan year.
He said he never thought that he would not finish the season and that during the World Youth Championship he might just be in Vancouver for a while and not back in Michigan, it was all stupid.
He had hoped to see his Wolves go further in the NCAA playoffs.
They apparently did not eavesdrop on him.
\"Obviously I was disappointed because I really wanted to do something there, but that\'s what it is.
I am proud of our team and everything we do.
We are united, though not easy.
He said playing a season of NCAA hockey in Michigan has the opportunity to get stronger in the gym, while also skating on ice with players two and over three, which for him
\"I think it\'s really good for me, not only on ice, but also on ice, mature and get stronger and stronger,\" he said . \".
\"I feel very comfortable now.
I like my game and I am confident.
To be better, stronger and more confident, I gave myself an extra six months.
\"So far, he has always been a power game wizard in his career, and of course, Canadians have a bad power game.
Coach Travis Green can\'t deny that he knows what his latest rookie will bring, but he also tries to moderate expectations of his speedy recovery.
\"Will he become a powerful country?
The guy who plays in NHL?
\"Yes, he is,\" Green said after skating on Wednesday morning.
\"But I don\'t need him to have expectations, he has to come in and run the Game of Thrones and be the one who can turn things around overnight.
Elias Paterson said he admired Hughes\'s relaxed, elite skating from a distance and was looking forward to seeing him up close.
\"The way he moves the ice hockey, his skating ability,\" he said . \".
\"He is a very good skater, a fast skater, and the ice hockey is very good.
When you know that D can get puck without being stuck in the low position, it helps a lot for the forward.
He has created many opportunities for himself and his teammates.
\"It looks like his skating skills are very low and his strength is enhanced,\" Petson added . \".
\"It\'s funny because sometimes it looks like he won\'t be 100, but he still flies in.
The rookie striker also said he could guess how Hughes felt early in the new team.
\"Of course, it is important for him to accept it.
I remember what I looked like when I first arrived.
There are many new faces and names to learn.
He may forget a lot. like I did —
\"But you have to enjoy it,\" he said . \".
Also, it doesn\'t matter how he came here, the game may be faster and the opponent will be bigger and stronger.
But at the end of the day, it\'s just hockey.
\"He has been doing this all his life.
He knows what he\'s good at. That\'s why he\'s here.
There may be some nerves, but he knows how to play hockey.
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