Performance test of pneumatic valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
(1) the valve open-close torque under working pressure conditions; (2) under working pressure conditions, to make sure that the continuous opening and closing the valve closed tight times; (3) the flow resistance coefficient of valve in the pipeline condition detection. Valve should be done before they go out the following tests: self-reliance type temperature control valve electric gate valve of AW pneumatic actuator (1) under open conditions, the body should be 2 times the internal pressure of valve working pressure value detection; (2) the closing of the valve, both sides stand 1 respectively. Double valve pressure value, no leakage; But the metal sealing butterfly valve, leakage nor a value greater than the related requirement. Pneumatic valve internal and external anti-corrosion body ( Including variable speed drive cabinet) Both inside and outside, should first deoxidization blasting derusting, and strive to electrostatic spraying powder non-toxic epoxy resin, the thickness of 0. More than 3 mm. Oversize electrostatic spraying valve non-toxic epoxy resin are in trouble, should also be similar non-toxic epoxy paint brush, spraying. Inside the valve body and valve plate comprehensive anticorrosive parts requirements, on the one hand, soaking in the water will not rust, do not produce electrochemical corrosion between two metals; Two aspects of smooth surface reduce water resistance. Body of anticorrosive epoxy resin or paint the sanitary requirements, should have the corresponding authorities inspection report. The physical properties of chemical also should comply with the relevant requirements.
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