Petrochina, sinopec in shen drum listed into the preparation

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
* big general machinery manufacturing enterprises in China one of shenyang blower ( Group) Co. , LTD. , formally on June 9, with petrochina, sinopec signed a joint venture of the framework agreement together. A few years ago, on the other hand, shen became restructuring mergers and acquisitions pass Germany's Siemens group, is also with shen drum for participation in negotiations. This kind of combination, shen drum group, as well as listed companies has been put on the agenda. The reporter understands, now the new is drum group has been completely out of debt problems left over by history. Shen drum and shen, shen gas pump after the restructuring, objective and reasonable to differentiate the good assets and bad assets, stripping pump, shen shen qi bad assets, the three excellent enterprise assets into new shen drum group, realizing the unity of three enterprise assets integration, fundamentally solves the long plagued the production and operation of an enterprise's debt problems left over by history. Assets, property in shen drum group internal integration of unity at the same time, to solve the state-owned enterprise widespread a dominant problem, shen drum group selection in new country vega 'vega in shenyang old industrial base and adjustment and the equipment manufacturing industry development demonstration area' on this day, with petrochina, sinopec signed the 30% of the total equity stake in agreement. The move make shen drum group not only achieve the change of stock rights, more important is to promote the development of localization of major technical equipment in the future. In partnership with petrochina, sinopec, shen drum group also are actively looking for foreign strategic joint venture partners, currently with the United States GE company in * * round of technology transfer, participation in negotiations have basically concluded. More tellingly, previously participated in shen restructuring mergers and acquisitions of Germany's Siemens group company, technology transfer is also funding a stake in the negotiations, the stage with shen after * missed and don't know if this time can result with shen drum 'marriage'. But * will be 'who', and technology transfer and investment agreement signed shen drum, the municipal government will organize experts to review recent. At the same time, shen drum group company is listed on the preparatory work, in order to create conditions for capital operation in the future. Shen drum group's goal is to build China * big general machinery manufacturing enterprises. Petrochina, sinopec in shen drum listed into the preparation coal mine gas power generation technology in China will further promote the Swiss machine tool industry developed production the fifth largest in the world
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