Pickering targeting Asian markets han tongda PA8 series of new hand in hand

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
With the rapid development of electronic and test and measurement technology and application market expanding, modular test and measurement instrument has become the mainstream in the field of test and measurement products at home and abroad. According to statistics, in 2010 China's domestic modular instrument sales scale ( Single refers to the instrument, not including integration testing system) Has reached $41 million, predicts that by 2017 the scale will reach $one hundred and twenty-eight million, and will continue to maintain double-digit growth. Among them, the PXI will make up most of the modular instrument market share, market prospects are very broad. Colin British company has 45 years long history, 皮克林接口) Also along with the world looking to China as the core of the Asian market together. Rapid development as the Chinese market and customers to the continuous improvement of product quality and technical requirements, to better meet the demand of users, to customers to provide quality services for China and Asia market, colin British company with China general agent Beijing han tongda technology co. , LTD. , using a variety of strategy to maximize the localization of product design and development, after-sales service and personalized one-stop service. At the same time, in view of China and Asia market launched eight PA8 series of new products, and in the recently held in Beijing union & other; Pickering throughout Asia product news conference &; 。 Colin British company sales director Bob, product manager Shaun, han wang Wang Kezhang tongda company general manager, product manager and other executives attending the conference, conference attracted also include China this network, electronic products acquired in the world, the application of electronic technology and foreign electronic measurement technology, measurement and control technology of 15 media to participate in the test and measurement industry. The conference hosted by han JiaoJinXia tongda company north area sales manager. Colin company sales director Bob spokesman colin sales director Bob conference on colin's basic situation and the background to release a series of major research and development of new products we made a detailed introduction, and with rapid development of China's market expectations for the future. Han tongda Wang Kezhang, general manager, said han tongda good cooperation with Britain's colin company for over ten years, is committed to through the in-depth cooperation set up r&d centers in China and other developed more in line with market demand in China localization of products. At the same time, strive to build China's world famous brand in test and measurement. Colin switch product manager Shaun colin British company spokesman conference with han tongda company in China and Asia market launched a new PA8 eight series products: 2, paragraph 2 a general PA8131 relay switch products, is the most versatile relay products; Three PA8635 multiplexer products, are some of the areas need to scan test signal of extensive use of the products; 1, paragraph 2 a high-density PA8528 switch matrix, the application in the requirements for signal routing is more complex and difficult to determine in advance, in similar products in the very leading; 2 paragraph 50 & Omega; Multiplexer PA8872, is designed for rf application. Colin, a senior switch product manager Shaun for everybody introduces PA8 series products main features and advantages: one is to reduce the purchase cost, compared with the standard products, usually PA8 product prices would probably reduce about 25%, from the customer perspective, the very superior performance can be acquired at a lower price of products; The second is product support: from product corresponding technical documents to web sites provide a Chinese version, from selection, order to after-sales service, have local language support, user experience will be a lot of ascension; Three is to reduce logistics costs: PA8 series products will have stock in the warehouse in Beijing, can greatly shorten the delivery cycle; At the same time, reduce the single logistics cost; Four is to reduce the attachment cost: design front end connector USES is very mature D type connector on the market or rf SMB connectors, whether from the cost of the equipment itself, or cooperate to form a complete set of equipment when using outside cable accessories have significant cost reduction. At the same time, PA8 series products on the selection of components and standard products in the same grade products, products in terms of quality and compatibility with standard product is completely consistent, no difference. PA8 series product display in addition, the understanding to the simple product manager wang han is introduced: han tongda since it was founded in 2001, has been very attention to the most advanced technology, the most advanced experience abroad is introduced into the home, also very pay attention to their own innovation at the same time, the current focus on three areas of systems integration is in a leading position. Company has with foreign countries more than 20 well-known test measurement company product agency established cooperation relations, including the modular instruments, desktop instruments and the development of corresponding software and relevant industry fault diagnosis and fault management software development, as well as the basis of testing industry matching with equipment, etc. Han tongda with more than 10 years of development experience, the domestic market in China has accumulated very abundant customer resources, and to undertake a large number of application engineering, its sales team and technical service team in the continuous development for more than ten years of time. Han product manager wang the han prosperous hand in hand with Britain's colin company will set up a new mode of cooperation, han access only for colin PA8 series products in the domestic service, in the pre-sale and after-sale services will provide the customers with high quality and efficient one-stop service. Link url: WWW. zjxmfm。 com
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