Plastic industrial prospect

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Plastic machinery along with the development of the petroleum and chemical products, plastic products, has reached the 'golden era', the wide prospect of plastics industry. Now the world recognized: the consumption per person in a country or region of plastic and plastic industry in the national economy status is reflected industrial development and progress of the one of the important marks. Plastic resources are abundant in China, at the beginning of the 21st century main synthetic resin output of 1. 40000 t, four of the world. According to forecast the future to '11th five-year plan' period, China's production of synthetic resin in 5% The rate of 10% growth. China is plastic consumption power, according to the statistics, the annual consumption accounts for the world's second, after the United States, China's per capita consumption is only 19 kg, ranked 32nd in the world, is an industrial developed countries - 11% 20%, visible China greater development of plastic industry, plastic industry prospects, the wide prospect of plastics machinery. China plastics machinery industry output value of about 10 billion yuan a year, and the domestic market demand of about 20 billion yuan, also has the very big space. Was that the material is plastic in the field of the world of the 21st century, China is the 21st century plastics industry ( Including the plastic machinery industry) * big market. Create brand 'HOPE' to enter the 'big petrochemical' crude oil pipeline in a phase ii station pipeline valve factory delivery
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