Plastic valves and stainless steel gate what difference is?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
Plastic valves and stainless steel gate what difference is? Stainless steel gate is also called the gate valve or gate valve, the most widely used a kind of valve. It is through the movements to control the valve opening and closing of the gate, the gate is perpendicular to the direction of flow, changing the relative position between disc and seat can change the channel size. Mainly used in the environmental requirements higher, has the health, corrosion resistance, etc. The main material of stainless steel gate valve for the stainless steel raw materials, casting or forging precision machining, has good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to high temperature, high pressure, and so on. Widely used, generally used in chemical plants, power plants is relatively common. Stainless steel gate valve used in nitric acid, acetic acid, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, oxygen and other industrial medium, generally can be used in high temperature or room temperature corrosive liquids or gases have a good effect. Plastic valve application range is small, generally is used in corrosive medium, but it must be temperature to room temperature and low pressure condition, do not use with high temperature and high pressure industrial pipeline. And plastic valves have has light weight, corrosion resistance, no adsorption dirt, plastic valves and plastic pipe connections, commonly in the scope of work you have long service life. Plastic valve is commonly plastic diaphragm valve, plastic globe valves, plastic ball valve, plastic butterfly valve, species relatively less compared to stainless steel valves, plastic valves are in general use temperature - 40 - 140 degrees, the commonly used plastic material have ABS, PVC - U PVC - C, PB, PE, PVDF, etc. Stainless steel valve materials for general CF8/304, CF3/3304 l, 316, CF3M316L, CF8M / 0 cr18ni9, 0 cr18ni9ti, 321, 310 s, such as temperature is commonly - 196 - 800 degrees. Cryogenic treatment must do 196 degrees below zero, of course. Stainless steel gate valves and plastic valves in terms of transportation, heavy freight is high, the stainless steel gate valve weight plastic valve cheap freight also cheap. The selection of materials is directly related to the life and the effect of using, the temperature and corrosive this piece has great discrepancy. The higher the temperature decreases in the intensity of the corrosion resistance of the chosen material, effective control of corrosion medium, and effectively improve the service life of the valve. Polyethylene is a nonpolar saturated fats, which determines the properties of water and corrosion resistance of various chemical agents has the very good inertia. Gate valve is the most commonly used CF8/304 stainless steel material, use the most widely followed by 316 CF8 / material. PVDF pressure resistance and excellent resistance to creep, PVC melting temperature is 165 - 185 degrees Celsius. Stainless steel material average temperature in - 304 and 316 40 - Use 600 degrees, normally used in the corrosive medium - 40 - 200 degrees.
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