Plunger valve manually, handle, hand wheel and gear

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Plunger valve device: manually driven by manpower reduction gear, to reduce the force required to operate a plunger valve manually, there are usually many rotary and part of the rotary type two kinds. Is characterized by simple structure, easy to operate. It is often used to drive the valve door of nominal diameter less than 300 mm. Plunger valve gear: using the two gear teeth meshing transmission power and movement of the mechanical transmission, with the main, driven wheel gear direct, transfer movement and power of the device. According to the relative position of the gear axis parallel to the axis of cylindrical gear transmission, intersecting shaft cone gear drive and the staggered shaft helical gear transmission. Are characterized by their smooth transmission, the transmission ratio accurate, reliable operation, high efficiency, long service life, use of power, speed, and large size range, etc. Plunger valve worm gearing wormgear actu7ator with worm gear institutions or adjust the plunger valve for opening and closing device. Cylindrical gear cylindrical gear physical with cylindrical gear mechanism or adjust the plunger valve opening and closing device. Cone gear conical gear physical with cone gear mechanism or adjust the plunger valve opening and closing device. Plunger valve series at http://www. nwfamen。 com/ProList/T22
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