Pneumatic ball valve door in the main role in the drain pipe expanding vessel

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-15
Drain pipe expanding vessel is to realize the continuous blowdown drum steam water separation and recovery of heat furnace water treatment equipment. Common way of hydrophobic basically have vapor liquid two phase flow hydrophobic hydrophobic, regulating valve, float type hydrophobic and the way the use of small diameter hydrophobic. Row in the power plant under the condition of water quality and emissions are not fixed, by increasing the hydrophobic pneumatic ball valve door number to reduce wastewater discharge and expanding vessel number outside the purpose of the steam. Will drain pipe row hydrophobic using pneumatic ball valve gate control, when even the drainage rise to prescribed height, pneumatic ball valve door open drainage can extend as far as possible even drainage in expanding vessel kept time, make it full of gasification, the reduction of pollution emission of heat loss and clean water. If the expansion of container number drain pipe replace with small diameter pipe, due to the displacement is not stable, bad water level control, when the amount is smaller than the pipe flow of the chase, can make the deaerator steam flow back, thereby causing loss to the working medium; When the expansion of container number when suddenly a lot of water, to prevent sewage discharge quickly, easy to cause row expanding vessel filled with water.
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