Pneumatic ball valve for the future development needs analysis

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Expert introduction, according to the association in the development of the valve product, should pay attention to the popularization and application of new process technology, such as the overall development of large diameter long distance pipeline ball valve overall welding technology should be adopted; In order to improve the valve sealing surface corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, and a few manufacturers have begun to use supersonic flame spraying tungsten carbide process, at the same time should pay attention to using nanoscale materials of sealing surface coating modification, and the development of the laser cladding process technology. In addition, the valve industry for many years in the application of tungsten cobalt chromium plasma wire automatic welding technology should continue to promote to replace manual welding, ensure the quality of the valve sealing surface; Automatic control device for project implementation process, should strengthen the development of the intelligent electric and hydraulic actuator valves; To speed up the development of new methods such as magnetic transmission, transmission develop new closed magnetic force drive valve series, eliminate funnelled between stem and packing, pneumatic ball valve to make it applicable to flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive medium and the request line locking, avoid the wrong operation. According to introducing, the next 10 years, China will have more than 20000 km pipeline to the construction, including Russia, kazakhstan and other multinational oil pipeline. In addition, the following & other; West-east gas & throughout; After, our country to build more than 20000 km of multinational gas transmission pipeline and feeder. The project is about more than 20000 large diameter pipeline ball valve and small caliber valve, flat valve; Will build 10 ~ 20 thousands of large-scale refineries, construction and reconstruction of a batch of 800000 ~ 100 large-scale ethylene plant, and for approval of 500000 ~ 600000 tons/year large also has more than ten sets of PTA plant, it will provide a huge market for the valve industry. Large fertilizer and the construction of the ammonia plant of the same will provide opportunities for the valve manufacturing; Other coal direct liquefaction is likely to form a new industry, due to the direct coal liquefaction process medium high operating temperature, high pressure, high solids content, requires a high degree of the valve, will form a new market. For this, pneumatic ball valve industry should establish enterprise groups, increasing investment in science and technology, develop high, large, refined, sharp valve products; Strengthen product standardization, make standard on the number and level to keep up with the needs of the development of the situation. Pneumatic ball valve link url: http://www. zjxmfm。 com/qidongqiufa/
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