Pneumatic ball valve installation instructions

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Pneumatic ball valve installation instructions pneumatic ball valve in front of the unit: 1, ensure pneumatic ball valve device bearing line on the coaxial orientation, pipeline flange should adhere to two pieces of parallel, admit that line can accept pneumatic ball valve itself weight, if it is found that pipeline cannot accept weight, pneumatic ball valve is in front of the device for pipeline is equipped with the corresponding support. 2, acknowledge whether there is impurities inside the pipeline, welding slag, etc. , it is necessary to purge clean inside the pipeline. 3, check the pneumatic ball valve nameplate, fully open and full closed several times, admitted that the valve to normal operation, comprehensive check again the all details of the valve, ensure that the valve is in good condition. 4, get rid of the maintenance of two head cover, check to see if the body is clean, clean the valve body cavity, because of the pneumatic ball valve sealing surface shape is the ball, perhaps even tiny sundry form sealing surface damage. Pneumatic ball valve installation instructions pneumatic ball valve of the device: 1, pneumatic ball valve between flange and pipe flange gasket fitted according to the requirements of line planning. 2, flange bolts need to be symmetrical, successive, uniform. 3, ball valve adopts pneumatic actuators, air supply device are done according to specifications. 4, pneumatic ball valve of any a can device at the upstream end, pneumatic pipeline ball valve can handle device in any position of the pipeline, electric - if the configuration Ball valve, pneumatic actuators are vertical device, it is necessary to import and export valve is in horizontal position. Pneumatic ball valve installation instructions after pneumatic ball valve device check: 1, the end of the device, start the pneumatic ball valve open and close several times, should be nimble, force uniform, pneumatic ball valve operation is normal. 2, according to the pipeline pressure planning requirements, pressure test after pneumatic ball valve and pipe flange joint surface sealing performance.
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