Pneumatic ball valve's structure, work principle and product features

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
The working principle of the pneumatic ball valve: by love fills the air valve to keep the valve open or well informed. Pneumatic valve switch bulky, volume is small, can make a large caliber, sealing strong, easy structure, culture bento, dense cover with spherical surface are often closed form, not easily be medium erosion, cause losing is broad used. Pneumatic ball valve product features: a, swiftness to switch to the satisfaction of bento for pipeline with quick opening, fast closed ground andao request occasions; Second, the small fluid barrier, whether it is a full size type reducing ball valve are all valve class a minimum of a fluid barrier; Three, reliable seating, ball washers are usually adopt tetrafluoroethylene type other plastic better create a collection of data, for sealing have higher request, soft sealing easier to ensure sealing, nonmetal sealing, hard seal structure with accept 10 npa, 16 npa, 32 npa low pressure to the low temperature of 350 ℃ is our daily life; Four, strong stem seal, valve stem's sealing structure can increases with medium progress, denier ball valve open/close the valve stem only fills the air, but didn't do up activities. The valve stem seal aggregate not easily damaged. The valve stem position seal life spans stretching; Fifth, using the full length, pneumatic installation is destructive test in 60000. Because the ball valve seal position more adoption is fine since the smoothness of the ptfe gas ene data into conflict with ball valve, the valve stem and wear are the youngest, guarantee the use of the pneumatic valve life spans.
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