Pneumatic butterfly valve can make full use of air pressure

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Pneumatic butterfly valve can make full use of air pressure, this is some users do not know these principles. This is for pneumatic butterfly valve is not very understanding. Pneumatic butterfly valve with air pressure can take some not easy clean medium. It is beneficial to the improvement of the pneumatic butterfly valve for the safety of the pipeline effectively. The characteristics of pneumatic butterfly valve itself very, but there are many not developed by the project does not apply to the pneumatic butterfly valve. The project is under development. It will be wrapped the stem very tight, produce bigger return difference. Mechanical damage, the life of the valve. Now is to deal with special butterfly valve with water. Special circumstances can tilt, such as the Angle is very big, or too much weight on the valve when the valve itself should increase support protection. Eliminate dirt and welding slag. After installation, to ensure that no residue in the body, should also again to the valve and clean, the access into the medium should make all open valve, in order to avoid impurity stuck. The system configuration and flexible, strong ability to apply. Pneumatic butterfly valve, therefore, it can be used with shielding twisted-pair or use cheap unscreened three wire cable for communication within the system.
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