Pneumatic butterfly valve working principle and applicable scope

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Working principle of the pneumatic butterfly valve/pneumatic butterfly valve suitable for 1, pneumatic butterfly valve working principle of the pneumatic butterfly valve by pneumatic actuators and connection of pneumatic butterfly valve by compressed air into the actuator drive actuators to drive the circular disc do 90 & deg; Rotary motion to used as pipe switch and adjust flow. Taiwan minister pneumatic butterfly valve by 0 90 degree as the working principle of opening and closing. Namely 0 to close state, 90 degrees for the qi state. Add the locator on pneumatic actuators, the corresponding input signal, the butterfly valve disc version 0 - 90 - degree adjusted. Pneumatic butterfly valve actuators are divided into the principle of single and double action, single-acting is shut gas spring return type, double role is gas-off type. Single acting type suitable for open or closed, and external regulation should choose double-acting pneumatic butterfly valve. Pneumatic butterfly valve is mainly composed of cylinder, stents, stem, disc, valve body, a mix of a few parts. Minister butterfly valve manufacturer production of pneumatic butterfly valve is not only simple in structure, light weight, small volume, easy installation and maintenance, a more economical and practical, long service life, stable performance, etc. Pneumatic butterfly valve is now in food, chemical, oil, gas, electric power, textile, paper making, water supply and drainage and other industries widely used. 2 pneumatic butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve applicable scope is suitable for the temperature & le; 120 ℃ or & le; 150 ℃, nominal pressure & le; 1. 6 mpa water supply and drainage, energy systems, and textile industries, especially suitable for two-way sealing and body easy to rust, to adjust flow and intercepting medium. The article starts: WWW. zjxmfm。 com
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