Pneumatic butterfly valves and electric butterfly valve fault solution

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Pneumatic butterfly valve and the electric butterfly valve fault solution: 1, the sealing surface leakage, the butterfly valve butterfly plate, sealing ring clamp is sundry. 2, butterfly butterfly plate, sealed closed position match is not straight. 3, exports are equipped with flange bolt stress or pressure. 4, direction of pressure testing is not required. 。 Elimination method 1, eliminate impurities, clean the valve chamber. 2, adjust the worm gear or electric butterfly valve actuator actuator limit screw. With the valve closed position is correct. 3, check with telescopic flange plane and bolt clamping force, should be uniform pressure. 4, according to the direction arrow spinning failure: two valve leakage 1, on both sides of the seal gasket failure, 2, uneven tube flange clamp force or pressure. Elimination method: 1, change the sealing gasket. 2, compact flange bolts ( Even push) 。 Electric valve factory at http://www. dazkfy。 com
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