Pneumatic control valve actuator

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
1, the film chamber sealing check when pressure regulating valve nameplate signal range of 0. 2 ~ 1 kg/cm2 ( In this paper, the same below) , will be zero. 8 kg/cm2 pressure of compressed air into the film chamber, cut off the gas source, lasts for 5 minutes, thin film gas indoor pressure drop should not exceed 0. 007kg/cm2( 5毫米汞柱) 。 2, to help with travel check (1) with a range of 0 ~ 1 kg/cm2 signal input film air chamber pressure, reciprocating increase and decrease pressure signal, the push rod movement should be uniform flexible no binding beat phenomenon. (2) adjust the compression spring pressure, pressure signal is 0. 15 kg/cm2 push rod began to start ( And unit combination instrument with start signal when the pressure of 0. 2kg/cm2) 。 (3) to 0. 2 to 1. Increased the range 0 kg/cm2 pressure and reduce the pressure signal, the push rod stroke the maximum stroke should satisfy the regulator. 3, when the assembly check ( 1) Regulator assembly before the check valve core, valve seat, valve stem presence of defects. After grinding of valve core and valve seat should be closely contact, the stem should be ZhiZheng smooth. ( 2) After the valve and actuator assembly, to the film input to close the valve of the air chamber pressure signal, adjust the stem length makes the valve core and valve seat close contact. For the gas valve input signal pressure of 0. 95 kg/cm2, and unit combination instrument thanks to 1. 0kg/cm2; For the gas valve pressure input signal is zero.
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