Pneumatic control valve for district heating engineering

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-06
Energy conservation and emissions reduction has become a worldwide topic, recently, foreign experts to investigate the domestic heating engineering, they argue that with the pneumatic control valve for the enterprise to realize energy conservation and emissions reduction by about 10%, this to improve urban air quality there will be a big help. In theory, so as to realize the goal of 10% reduction, to purchase heat source factory circulating pump, frequency converter to the foreign country, as well as some related intensity of heat exchange unit, heat supply network control system, network design software, automatic water treatment equipment, pneumatic control valve system and so on. After reaching an agreement, foreign companies will act as a general contractor, for domestic enterprises heating project network engineering core equipment and technology, and is responsible for delivery of the goods, responsible for equipment debugging operation and service always. Have been at present, the domestic enterprises to adopt this method of cooperation, the heat-supply engineering adopts the heat exchange unit, by detecting the secondary water supply temperature and outdoor temperature, automatically adjust the opening of the pneumatic control valve, to realize automatic heating heat thermal station adjustment, so as to realize the energy saving effect.
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