Pneumatic control valve installation and operation steps

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-06
- - - - - - - - - - - - : the installation of the pneumatic control valve is different from other valve, it need to do a lot of preparation work before installation, such as pipeline cleaning, check valve, etc. , the following is by Shanghai mountain instrument specific for everyone. The installation technology of pneumatic control valve is introduced and the operation process, the following, abide by the pneumatic - valve installation instructions and attention; , reading, pneumatic control valve installation manuals between valve installation, read the instruction manual. Products described in this instruction manual before installation and safety issues and measures that should be paid attention during installation. According to the guidelines in the manual to do helps to ensure the installation simple and successful; , verify that the foreign body in pipeline cleaning pipe may damage valve sealing surface or even hinder the valve core, the ball valve or butterfly plate movement caused by not properly closed; , check valve before installation, check and remove all the transportation stop, protective use plug or the lid on the surface of the gasket, internal check valve body to ensure that there is no foreign body; For the most part, the use of pipe connection good practice of pneumatic control valve can be installed in any position, however, usually use the method is to actuator vertically and are located in the upper part of the body. If the actuators are mounted horizontally, the consideration of executing agencies to increase an additional vertical support. Shall ensure that install the valve in the direction of flow and flow arrow or the direction indicated by the instruction manual; , ensure that with sufficient space at the top and bottom of the valve in order to easily remove the actuator during inspection and maintenance or valve core. Space distance can usually from manufacturer decided that the shape of the valve size figure. For the valve flange connection, make sure the flange surface accurately aligned evenly so that the gasket surface contact. Later, in the flange of gently tighten bolts, in the form of a cross and tighten the bolt. Keep the short distance connection, and try to reduce the number of pipe fittings and elbow in order to reduce the system time lag. If the distance is very long, so can use a locator on pneumatic control valve or the supercharger. Pneumatic control valve |
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