pneumatic conveyor - different types used in several industries

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-14
Pneumatic conveyor is just one of many industrial conveyors on the market today.
It is a mechanical device that uses air pressure to transport most products from one point to another.
In the process, it uses pipes and pipes.
This product can be used in several industries, there are several types.
Some of the most specific types of Pneumatic conveyors are named according to the functions it serves.
For example, in order to accumulate the product and transport it to the end point of the system, a cumulative conveyor is used.
On the other hand, Can conveyor belts are particularly helpful in the industry where cans are an integral part of the enterprise.
There are other specific types of Pneumatic conveyors such as bulk conveyor, continuous conveyor, automatic conveyor, flight conveyor and tilt conveyor.
There are other kinds under this industrial product.
Magnetic sheet conveyor is one of the most frequently used in the manufacture of iron sheet.
It works by collecting iron filings through coolant.
Usually, collected by trolley or drum.
Most magnetic chip conveyors have top surfaces made of stainless steel.
This is important in order for the system to withstand wear and tear.
It is called magnetic chip conveyor because there is a magnet inside.
Magnets help to remove impurities from the black in the system.
It is usually a small part of the pull bed, roller machine and other special purpose machines.
This is another pneumatic conveyor that is useful in several industries.
The roller conveyor is used for the delivery of goods moving up and down when horizontal tilt.
This conveying system is important in heavy machinery.
And the application in the material processing system.
The roller conveyor is durable and fully functional, ensuring low operating costs.
It can also be customized according to width, height and length.
Another type of pneumatic conveyor that is now popular on the market is called underwater conveyor.
This system is very commendable in dealing with ash and coal combustion.
It consists of a scraper and a water seal.
There is a slot between the two.
To prevent the atmosphere from being exposed to the inside of the Furnace, this part of the underwater conveyor is essential.
Another key part is the hydraulic actuator, which can easily remove the underwater conveyor in the case of the need to maintain the product.
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