Pneumatic program-controlled valve product is introduced

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Pneumatic program control valves are the piston of pneumatic actuators and the cut-off valve, suitable for globe cut measurement applications. Pneumatic program-controlled valve has good sealing performance, two-way pressure zero leakage; No wear, no impact, long service life; Molecular sieve dust resistance. For a long time, pneumatic program control valves in use process we constantly improve and develop this type of valve, now its simple structure, good seal, reliable action time is short and long seal life. In recent years, has been more than large-scale petrochemical, steel, fertilizer enterprises use. GT pneumatic double pneumatic butterfly valve to the clamp GT of ductile iron by the pneumatic actuator pneumatic ball valve GT program-controlled valve product characteristics 1, valve rod and the piston rod, to ensure that the fluctuation of neutral; Make online valve repair easy, improve the efficiency of maintenance; 2, adopting the advanced low flow resistance body, streamlined flow design, precision and meticulous the casting surface, specially the deflector, the flow resistance is greatly decreased; 3, adopting the principle of balance within: adopting the balance structure within, medium pressure, make the use of differential pressure valve, with good two-way bearing capacity. Valves are, reverse, when using the same seal pressure, make the seal life, and reduce the size of the actuator, the overall shrinkage of the valve. 4, intuitive and reliable state of valve position on site instructions, and valve position signal detection device, which can realize signal remote transmission function; 5, reliable seal: using hollow V type packing, has good sealing performance. With carbon fiber reinforced filling ptfe packing material, adding a anti-friction ingredients, improve the wear resistance. Packing is spring compensation structure, set after packing wear can be compensated automatically. After more than twenty years of use proved that the seal is very reliable packing group structure, long service life. 6, advanced seal: using PEEK seal. It is a kind of polymer materials, has high hardness and mechanical strength, good resilience. Use this seal, valve life is greatly increased; 7, the unique structure of scour prevention: in the process of the pipeline in gas medium, there may be a certain amount of impurities, driven by high-speed airflow, these impurities will flush seal precipitously. After a certain period of time, the general structure of the valve seal will appear a few holes, cause the valve leakage.
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