Pneumatic quick mud all valves

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Pneumatic Angle type fast sacking mud valve installed on the bottom of the tank wall outside and water supply and drainage, head of road, to rule out of the bottom and the pipe sediment contamination. The use of electric two four-way reversing valve manually or two four-way reversing valve can remote centralized control, convenient operation, flexible valve opening and closing. Gas ( Liquid) Dynamic Angle type mud valve is by air ( Liquid) Pressure of cylinder components and Angle type globe valve, the two major components. Which is divided into gas ( Liquid) Pressure cylinder, piston, valve stem, disc, the upper and lower bearing seat. When the power ( Gas or liquid) With the lower part of the piston into the hydraulic cylinder force upward with the stem drive disc upside to open the disc remove dirt and sand and mud, after the completion of the action to transfer power by upper into the hydraulic cylinder piston, forcing the piston downward to close the valve, with the force of the disc to eliminate leakage phenomenon. Pneumatic bottom mud valve and piston bottom all quick mud valve, all is mainly installed in the bottom of the pool, for out of sediment. By the valve, hydraulic cylinder, piston, valve stem and disc. The hydraulic cylinder is liquid tools, as power, piston, valve stem as a switch. Open only need a minute to open the valve plate, the valve must be with the manual directional control valve or solenoid valve can be remote centralized control mud valve switch. The valve sealing performance is strong, flexible switch, convenient maintenance, long service life, etc. Pneumatic valve manufacturer, http://www. dazkfy。 com
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