Pneumatic specification

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Pneumatic valves are equipment. The following relevant data shall be marked in the factory instruction: Valve specifications; Model; Working pressure; Manufacturing standards; Material of valve body; Stem material; Sealing material; Valve shaft packing material; Stem sleeve material; Internal and external anticorrosive materials; Operation start direction; Revolutions; Opening and closing moment under working pressure; Name of the manufacturer; Date of manufacture; Factory number; Weight; The aperture, number of holes and center hole distance of the connecting flange; Graphically indicate the overall length, width and height of the control dimensions; Flow resistance coefficient of valve; Effective opening and closing times; Valve factory inspection related data and installation, maintenance matters needing attention. Installation and use (1) Before installation and use of pneumatic valves, the valve must be inspected before installation and switch operation test. Only under the condition of normal operation, can be installed and used. (2) Pneumatic valve installation to make the valve and pipeline flange as far as possible, and add support fixed. Do not make the ball valve subjected to other external forces, so as not to damage the valve in the seal and valve deformation. The valve cannot be used due to defective valve switch and valve damage. (3) To ensure that the ball valve and pneumatic components provided by the power source must be clean, as far as possible without oil and water. Cleanliness should be less than 0.4 microns. (4) Before the air source is connected, the air supply pipeline, air source interface and switches and other devices must be cleaned to prevent the failure caused by dirt and silt on the unclean pipeline rushing into the pneumatic actuator unit. (5) For the connection of pneumatic actuators, solenoid valves, positioners, filters, pressure reducing valves, etc., copper pipe or nylon pipe can be used. In order to prevent dust and reduce noise, the exhaust port should be installed with muffler or muffler throttle valve. (6) After installation, the pneumatic valve should be tested, pressurize the pneumatic actuator to the rated value, the pressure is 0.4~0.7mpa, the pneumatic ball valve on and off test, observe the valve opening and closing situation. Should be flexible rotation without blocking phenomenon. In the switch if there is a blockage phenomenon can increase air pressure, repeated switch to make the valve to switch flexible. (7) When installing and debugging switch type pneumatic valve, first use manual device (manual button on the solenoid valve) debugging, debugging on the power after normal operation. (8) The pneumatic valve should be regularly maintained at the rotation of the valve stem, and should be refuelled (oil) once every three months. Periodically discharge and discharge water to pneumatic actuating unit and air filter used together. Under normal circumstances, check once every six months, check once a year.
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