Pneumatic valve common problems and solutions

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Pneumatic valve can't action 1. Solenoid valve is normal, the coil is burnt, whether the electromagnetic valve core was stolen card dead replace solenoid valve, replace the coil 2, clear stolen goods. Whether actuator single strands of gas test, normal work, such as cylinder piston gas channeling, or the shaft and cylinder gas leakage, etc. , open actuators check whether the seal is damaged, cylinder bore surface is damaged. Change has a bad seal, replace or piston cylinder 3. Hey impurities in the valve will be stuck out impurities to replace the ball core has damaged valve 4 pieces. Manual actuator lever in position to manually pull the lever to pneumatic automatic position 5. Pipe distortion, flattening correct or replace line 6. Medium or the environment temperature is too low, cause pipe freezing. Even clear condensed water, add in addition to the slow crawl pneumatic valve 1 water equipment. Air pressure is not enough air pressure is increased, the way setting air tank to reduce the pressure change. 2. Its flow is not enough, or also have other large gas consumption of unit work add air tank, air compressor, in order to reduce pressure change 3. Pneumatic actuator torque increases too small four actuators specifications. Heavy load of valve, valve core or other valve assembly is too tight is not reasonable. New and replacement, torque adjustment valve 5. Proper lubrication big to changes in the other cylinder friction fault 1. Valve movement began to beat, heavy load increase 2 actuators specifications. Valve movement at the end of the beating, moves too fast, too much inertial energy add speed regulating valve or external buffer no signal back to the signal power supply circuit, short circuit, open circuit 1. Maintenance of the power line 2. To adjust the CAM to the right position 3. Change the micro switch
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