Pneumatic valve common processing method of leak

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-04
1, cylinder wall scratch, due to some cylinder didn't do hard anodized, switch more friction caused the inner wall of the cylinder and, in turn, damage to the piston o-rings, lead to internal cylinder mixes up. 2, the top and bottom of cylinder shaft leakage, this is due to the large shaft and cylinder with, cause the sealing ring is easy to wear, the other is up and down cylinder shaft hole processing degree of finish is not enough, the switch after sealing ring wear flat for many times. 3, vent leakage of cylinder, this is because the mouth drill deep gas, directly drill air cylinder, leading to A and B cylinder pneumatic air leakage. Internal mixes up has also led to vent air cylinder. 4, the electromagnetic valve on the cylinder gas leakage, one is the electromagnetic valve leakage directly, the second is the position solenoid valve installed on cylinder sealing ring damage. 5, there is another kind of circumstance may also make the cylinder gas leakage, namely cylinder are installed on the deep hole drilling, results in a hole in the cylinder and the external unicom. 6, 3 even a gas leak.
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