Pneumatic valve common troubleshooting methods

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Pneumatic valve, one of the causes of the fault types and locator without output pressure the cause of the problem: 1, no signal pressure. 2, corrugated pipe, a large number of air leakage, fill solder or replacement. 3, no gas pressure or gas supply pressure is too low. 4, and blockage of the corrugated pipe orifice, the use of diameter of less than 0. Unblock 2 mm wire. Adjust the wrong 5, locator zero position, the baffle and nozzle gap is too big, using tools to adjust. 6, CAM installation position error. Because a CAM respectively containing gas with open and closed type of breath, percentage; Gas open and closed type linear characteristic gas, there are four mounting holes, easy to misplace. 7, baffle, and the nozzle end face is not vertical, the baffle is still a large number of exhaust after contact with the nozzle end face. 8, nozzle hole end there are potholes, need to change. Face a burr, regrinding. 9, a nozzle and a base stick it leak. Second, the signal decrease, output pressure does not reduce the cause of the problem: 1, the zero position adjustment is not appropriate, the nozzle baffle gap is too small. Unblock the 3 mm wire. 3, bypass switch position error, switch should be located in the 'ON' position. 22 mpa spring wire diameter is 1. 3毫米,0。 28 ~ 0. 5 mpa spring wire diameter is 1. 4mm。 5, CAM installation position error. Three, gas supply, no signal, the regulator has completed most of the trip the cause of the problem: 1, relay valve seat and valve core SR2. 3 spherical from contact or seal is not good. 2, in the initial position, the baffle is close contact with the nozzle end face. Four, basic error ( Linear) Not qualified. The cause of the problem: 1, the feedback spring force or zero adjust the spring force. 2, CAM installation position error or the wrong pointer. 3, relay valve core and valve seat valve line is not sealed. 4, corrugated pipe stiffness is too low, the design requirements 4. 9N/mm。 5, output pipeline leak or actuator. Adjust the volume of packing compression between June and is too big. Five, the initial point error between big adjustment. The cause of the problem: 1, the CAM follower shaft sleeve and CAM not contact. 2, feedback spring select error, the standard of spring wire diameter of 0. 8 mm, cheng signal is 0. 7mm。 Six, the locator to poor ( Variation) Not qualified. The cause of the problem: 1, the zero position or improper travel adjustment. 2, derrick components of loose fasteners. 3, after the zero position adjustment screw lock screw. 4, corrugated pipe flexibility is poor, and stroke displacement has a tiny difference. 5, the CAM follower shaft sleeve hole and cylindrical coaxial degree beyond the design requirements. 6, relay deviation spring two parallel is poor. 7, shaft and bearing radial or axial clearance is too large. 8, gas supply pressure is not stable. 9, shaft sleeve and the CAM shaft radial or axial clearance. 10, feedback spring without processing.
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