Pneumatic valve failure analysis and solution

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Low voltage power supply and can not get the required torque, the motor stop rolling. The mistake of setting the torque constraints, make it is greater than the torque of the suspension, and the formation of a succession of attack is too large torque, motor stop rolling. As point move intermittent use, the onset of heat store up to more than the allowable temperature of the motor. For some reason torque constraints and organization attack, make the torque is too large. Using the environment temperature is too high, relatively lower the heat capacity of the motor. Above are some of the reasons, present the overload on these causes motor overheating representation should be thinking in advance to the attack, and adopt measures to avoid overheating. The method is to use the maintenance of motor fuse, overcurrent relay, thermal relay, thermostat, etc. , but these measures also are each have advantages and disadvantages, on the varying load and electric devices, maintenance way is not stable. Therefore it is necessary to adopt various ways of combination way. But as a result of each electric equipment load condition is different, it is difficult to put forward a unified way. But most situation, also can find common ground. Increase or decrease the discriminant of the motor input current; Heat the discriminant of motor itself. The above two ways, both the heat capacity of a given moment to think about motor allowance. If with a single way to make it together with the heat capacity characteristics of the motor is difficult. So should be selected on the basis of the cause of the overload way to strong action - — Combination of composite approach to complete the overload maintenance effect. ROM toelke electric equipment of the motor, because of its embedded in the winding thermostats, together with the motor insulation class when arrived in additional temperature, motor control circuit will be blocked. Thermostat itself heat capacity is small, and the time characteristic is a resolution by the heat capacity of the motor characteristics, so it is a reliable way. The motor overload of operation or inching operation maintenance choose thermostat; The maintenance of the motor blocked choose thermal relay; The short circuit issue choose fuse or over-current relay. Pneumatic valve electric equipment works is to avoid is the correct selection and overload, should cause attention.
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